Other Australian Toy Trains

Glenn has drawn these O-gauge trains using examples borrowed from several generous collectors.
The drawings are created in full size directly on the computer in Macromedia Freehand for Macintosh, so no 'original' hard copy drawings exist. Prints are made on an Epson Stylus Photo R1800 8-cartridge inkjet printer using glossy photo-quality paper for the best results. The generous collectors mentioned above consider the prints to be 'superb'.

The "other Australian toy trains" drawings came about because Glenn was asked to design a cover for a new book on the history of Australian toy trains. Using all Robilt drawings wasn't possible because examples of "Spring, Spark & Steam" were required.

Number 1. Ferris Radio in Sydney NSW produced electric trains at the end of the second world war.
This is the Sydney Suburban.

Number 2. The Ferris C36, based on a NSW loco.

Number 3. Maurlyn was another NSW company producing both clockwork and electric trains. This is their Gold Chief electric loco made of sheet aluminium.

Number 4. The Gold Chief tender. The set is based on the Spirit of Progress S Class.

Number 5. The complete Gold Chief boxed set came with 2 coaches.

Number 6. A NSW Scorpion live steam loco and tender.

Number 7. Also by Scorpion, the live steam tank and open wagon.

Glenn is now starting on drawings of pre-war Hornby O Gauge


How to obtain train prints

In New South Wales contact:
Trains, Planes & Automobiles
Annandale: Telephone 02 9818 1184
Mount Victoria: Telephone 02 4787 1590
E-mail: info @ trainsplanesautos.com.au

All other Australian states and overseas:
Glenn Ball Designs
Telephone: +61 (0)3 9874 3962
E-mail: glenn @ glennballdesigns.com




UK train collectors site with collectors news and a good source of links.

Colin Duthie's Tinplate Trains in New Zealand. Colin's site has some interesting examples of Australian toy trains
including Robilt, Ferris and Maurlyn.

Peter is a Dutch Hornby Club member. His site has a interesting Hornby price guide and one Dutch member,
Hans van Dissel has examples of Australian Ferris, Fox, Maurlyn and Robilt

Antique toy shops, Trains, Planes & Automobiles,
situated in Annandale and Mt Victoria, New South Wales




Spring, Spark & Steam is the first book to tackle the daunting task of defining the history of Australian and New Zealand toy and model trains
Author Bruce Macdonald's book covers the pre- and post-World War 2 period – when experienced model makers were leaving their regular employment to start cottage industries, producing models for a toy-starved public – up until the 1960s. These cottage industries grew to a point where they contributed to the economy of the country, employing considerable numbers of workers in their production, before crumbling away under the onslaught of imported toys, changing tastes, and the arrival of TV. As well as the details of fifty-five manufacturers such as Ferris, Maurlyn, Robilt, and Scorpion, the book has over six hundred full-colour photographs of many of the models produced and includes coverage of the retail outlets that were the public face of the industry.
The author's passion for trains over a seventy-year period, his engineering background, knowledge and understanding of railways, and his long social contact with many of those involved has given him a special insight into the subject. Spring, Spark & Steam has 144 full-colour pages,and has a retail price of around $70.00. Size is 215 x 277mm, with a full-colour hardcover and dust jacket.

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